Jeff Beck 1954 Fender Esquire

This is a white 10oz. ceramic mug decorated with a highly detailed hand drawn illustration of Jeff Beck’s 1954 Fender Esquire. Beck bought this blonde ’54 Esquire from John Walker whilst the Yardbirds were touring with The Walker Brothers. It’s instantly recognisable by the deep contours inflicted by the previous owner who had shaved the body to give it the shape of a Stratocaster. It was used on many influential Yardbirds tracks including ‘I’m a Man’, ‘Heart Full of Soul’, ‘Over Under Sideways Down and ‘Shapes of Things’. This illustration has been produced by George Morgan following extensive research and is not a photograph. The image has been dye sublimated onto the mug. This means the image is under the ceramic glaze and is dishwasher, microwave and UV-proof and with normal use will not scratch, crack, fade or peel. The durable nature of this printing process makes this mug ideal for use in the house or studio.

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