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Jeff Beck Esquire Neck

An unbelievably detailed recreation of a legendary Fender instrument.

Over the course of his 40-year career, Jeff Beck has attained heights of guitar greatness seldom if ever equaled, and he has long been regarded as one of the finest and most distinctive voices of the electric guitar, period. The Fender Custom Shop is very proud indeed then to introduce a very special 150-instrument run of the Tribute Series Jeff Beck Esquire Relic guitar, exquisitely and meticulously modeled after Beck s famous Blonde 54 Esquire.

This exact reproduction duplicates the original guitar’s light weight, unusual body contours, dings and wear patterns, soft V-shaped 57 one-piece maple neck, chipped black pickguard and brass bridge saddles (with which Beck had replaced the original steel saddles soon after buying the guitar for $60 from its original owner, Walker Brothers guitarist John Maus).

Legendary Fender pickup artist Abigail Ybarra carefully recreated the single 51 Nocaster single-coil bridge pickup, and the guitar s amazing authenticity extends even to the control wiring, 1056 serial number, and even a cosmetically aged vintage-style guitar strap. Beck himself, in fact, was almost fooled when our reproduction arrived at his door, thinking on first opening the case that he’d gotten his original guitar back!

The guitar comes in a vintage tweed case, and includes a DVD interview with Beck, 8×10 color photo, Custom Shop certificate, and Master Builder signature and serial number decal on the back of the headstock.

Fender® Custom Shop Limited Edition Jeff Beck Tribute Esquire Electric Guitar Features:

* Solid ash body * Bolt-on maple neck * Maple fretboard * 21 frets * 25-1/2″ scale * 1.74″ nut * Custom NoCaster Vintage Tele pickups * 5-position pickup switching * Volume/Tone/Tone controls * Chrome hardware * Gotoh tuners * Heavily aged lacquer finish

Nash Guitars Jeff Beck Esquire Relic

When Jeff Beck started his short tenure in The Yardbirds in 1965, he didn’t actually have a guitar to call his own and had to loan the band’s red Tele for early gigs.


Beck played various Telecasters from that point onwards but was put off by the rosewood fingerboards featured on Fender’s new models: “I wanted a maple neck. And the only one I ever saw belonged to John Walker from the Walker Brothers… He wanted £75 – only about £10 cheaper than a brand new one. But he wouldn’t shift.”


Beck bought the guitar anyway – actually a 1954 Esquire rather than a Tele – and set about modifying his new purchase by adding a black scratchplate and replacing the rusted steel saddles with brass ones from another guitar. The Esquire’s peculiar, Strat-like contours sanded into the front and back were actually there before Jeff acquired it.

Jeff Beck Esquire Guitar

Used on influential Yardbirds tracks as “I’m a Man,” “Heart Full of Soul,” “Over Under Sideways Down” and “Shapes of Things” before Beck switched over to a Les Paul early in 1966. Beck bought the guitar from John Walker of The Walker Brothers who had shaved the body to have the contour of a Stratocaster.

According to Seymour Duncan, who was given the guitar by Beck:

“When Jeff first got it, it had a white vinyl pickguard as can be seen in earlier Yardbirds videos and photos. Jeff replaced it with a black Esquire pickguard with a 5 hole pattern and two distinctive chips on the top edge and lower neck slot. Jeff liked the contrast and it looked like the Teles made just a year earlier.”

“The ’54 steel bridge saddles were completely rusted and were replaced with ‘52 Telecaster brass saddles from another Telecaster belonging to Jeff. The rhythm pickup cavity is routed for a neck pickup but was not drilled to hold one. The body is well worn with nicks and gouges and the nitrocellulose lacquer blond finish has turned various shades of yellow and orange.”

“Jeff could manipulate the volume and tone controls giving it a wah-wah effect as in ‘Train Kept A Rollin’’ or ‘Still I’m Sad.’ The lever switch would give full treble in the bridge position, variable tone control in the center and full bass in the front position. The bridge pickup has slightly staggered poles. The body was made in 1954 and the neck was replaced with one made in 1955.

Nash Jeff Beck Esquire Guitar

year: 9/2011 1952 reissue?manufacturer: bill nash guitars?model:e-52?body: ash/shell pink?neck: maple/c shaped?case: nash hard shell  ?color:aged shell pink?pickup: lollar?condition: brand new?serial number: ggt-23  factory mint condition with medium aged nitrocellulose finish.  weight 6.95 lbs.  10 inch radius with 6105 frets.  c shape neck profile, 25 1/2″ scale length, jason lollar pickup, output is 8.19 kohm, cloth covered wire. flat pole design with graded alnico 5 magnets, 3 way pickup selector, 1 ply pickguard in black. very precise and articulate action & setup.

i have two bill nashesquires and it is a difficult decision which i must let go. so, the c neckpink one it is i suppose and i’ll keep the 2007 used boat neck butterscotch.this guitar is brand new. ?from usa dealer it is an e52.? description:brand new 2011 bill nash shell pink, light relic aging usa e-52 esquire guitar.great player, great tone. this is a perfect playing guitar. beautiful, agedshell pink. beautiful frets, very lightweight ash, very resonant (and light atunder 7 lbs) and has the awesome lollar at the bridge, one of the best vintageboutique pickups on the market. very powerful, very smooth, not at all brittlelike the stock usa fender? pickups. the tonal variety with just this one pickupwill stun you. as jeff beck said, sometimes you only need one pickup. the threeposition switch gives you three distinct tones. and nothing plays better thanan aged bill nash guitar. this is how leo meant his guitars to play, feel andsound. this one is a new 2011, never displayed nash e-52. perfect set-up. greattone. you have to experience it to believe how comfortable it is to play anexpertly aged guitar. and bill nash is the expert. only high end components.all usa parts, all usa made. beautiful cloth wiring, very disciplined, nosloppy soldering, precise, accurate and sturdy. 250k pots. great wood. c-neck,dead-straight. nice full sounding, very powerful, very articulated lollar. thisguitar has great resonance and you forget what great resonance is on anelectric when you haven’t heard it in awhile. a combination of the wood thatnash hand-selects, the very thin coat of nitrocellulose lacquer, a properlyseated neck pocket, and the appropriate density of the woods used. combine thiswith the lollar and you really have a match made in heaven. finally a guitarthat sounds and plays like the originals did in the late 50’s. this is a guitarthat can last you a lifetime, and just get better over the years. includesoriginal bill nash hard shell case. you are welcome to come and try with a dr z maz 18 near harrogate.  please contact before bidding to discuss delivery etc.

Nash Jeff Beck Esquire For Sale

Bill Nash designed his guitars to create an instrument that isn’t extremely expensive, yet still captures that great look, feel, and playability of well played and loved vintage Fender guitars.

Not only does his models look and feel like a vintage guitars, they also feature a number of popular modern appointments, such as Lollar handwound pickups and Gotoh Vintage tuning keys.

If anyone knows about building vintage guitars, it’s Bill Nash!  He has worked with a HUGE number of them for many years and has a great deal of knowledge about how a vintage guitar looks and feels.  The aged control knobs, pickguards, dinged and scratched finish, and aged hardware make the S-63 look old, but the modern techniques used to make the guitar ensure that it plays like a brand new instrument.  Each Nash guitar is built by hand, so each one is completely unique.

Jeff Beck Esquire Wiring Diagram

In 1980 Mikal Gilmore wrote in Rolling Stone that Jeff Beck “was an archetypal …. Jan Hammer played on Wired also and the two teamed up for a tour later ….. In his earlier days with the Yardbirds, Beck also used a 1954 Fender Esquire guitar (now  A detailed gear diagram of Jeff Beck’s 2003 guitar rig is well-documented 

Here’s of the last projects of the late John English who masterbuilt 150 of these JB Esquire Tribute models. Although we’re seeing subsequent editions of this guitar by John Cruz & Chris Flemming, the original run in 2006 was produced by English.

Besides the extreme relic duplication, this guitar also has the Strat-like extra body contours on top half body front & rear– good photos of this in listing. The pickup is wound by Abi Y. This Esquire includes the JB bling with COA, touring case by ATA & gig bag.

A fellow guitar geek recently told me that if I removed the middle & bridge pickups from my Strat, I might never wanna re-install them. I dunno about that, but the JB Esquire is a dramatic example of somebody carving out major chops with a single pup Fender before becoming a Strat master.

Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire Wbl

Jeff Beck’s Stratocaster has been an integral part of his signature sound from his early days with the Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group through his amazingly varied solo career. Made by the Fender Custom Shop for the Custom Artist Series, the Jeff Beck Signature electric guitar features a thinner C-shaped maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and a contoured heel for easier access to the higher registers. Further, it’s wired with dual ceramic Noiseless pickups and has a 2-point synchronized tremolo with stainless steel saddles, LSR roller nut, aged knobs and pickup covers, and Beck’s signature on the headstock. The Fender guitar kit includes vintage tweed case, strap, cable, truss rod adjustment wrench, and saddle height adjustment wrench.

Jeff Beck Esquire Color

This limited edition electric guitar is based on the Blonde ’54 Fender Esquire, which was used by the legendary Jeff Beck on stage to entertain his fans worldwide. The Fender Custom Shop recreated this battle-hardened and truly unique guitar in reverently painstaking detail. When Jeff Beck got his copy he was convinced that it was his own original old guitar. The Fender Jeff Beck Esquire WBL is an extremely lightweight two-piece offset ash body with a chipped black pick guard. The finish has been perfectly reproduced down to the smallest ding and scratch. The wiring is authentically “cloned” and the lone Esquire pickup was carefully recreated from the original specs by the legendary Fender pickup winder Abigail Ybarra.

Need more information about the Fender Jeff Beck Tribute Esquire Limited Edition Worn Blonde? Call us or send a message using the form on the right.

Jeff Beck Esquire Custom Shop

Here’s something we were glad to get our hands on once again; a pre-owned Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire, made by Fender Masterbuilder Chris Fleming in 2006. The original guitar has seen mods done to it over the years at the mercy of Beck, and its rich and detailed history was duplicated down to a T by the Custom Shop. Beck originally bought the guitar for $60, with the Stratocaster-like forearm carve already put into it by the previous owner. Beck was also prone to breaking the necks on his guitars, and his Esquire was eventually fitted with a Fender neck from 1956, with its 10/56 “V” shape. In 1974, Jeff Beck gave his Esquire as a gift to Seymour Duncan, who kept it under his care until it was reproduced by the Custom Shop in 2006.

Features on the Jeff Beck Esquire include an ash body, 10/56 “V” shape maple neck, 25.5″ scale length, 21 frets, 7.25″ fretboard radius, an Abby Ybarra handwound bridge pickup with traditional 3-way switch Esquire wiring, vintage-style bridge and tuners, and nickel hardware.

This Esquire is in excellent condition, with all wear and tear on it original to how it looked when it left the Custom Shop. There are no dents or dings on it from being played. Even if this wasn’t associated with one of our favorite guitar players, how much cooler does it get that this is an Esquire with a “V” profile neck, and an Abby wound pickup? This is a tone monster of an instrument that’s meant to be played just as it is collected.

Bill Nash Jeff Beck Esquire Relic

Year: 2012 (Circa) 1952 Reissue
Manufacturer: Nash
Model: E-52 Jeff Beck Esquire #48
Case: Original Hard
Color: Butterscotch Blond
Condition: Brand New
Description: Bill Nash Jeff Beck tribute #48. This is the Nash reproduction of Jeff Beck’s fabled guitar, complete with all of the markings and Beck’s famous self-contouring. Super comfortable. Unbelievable player. Nice and light, 7 lbs, 3 oz. You can see why Beck took his power tools to the body. It is definitely more comfortable playing an esquire with the contours. One of the rarest Nash Guitars you can buy. And the tone on this thing is just crazy. This, one pickup guitar, is the only guitar you will ever need. Unusual neck shape, which I presume is modeled after Becks. It feels like a Large Soft V at the 1st position, but then you lose the V and it becomes more rounded and feels a little smaller as you work your way up the neck. Amazingly comfortable and easy to play. Duncan Push/Pull with the volume knob, single/stacked humbucker. Stunningly versatile. The tonal variations with the one pickup seem endless. Wired like Beck’s guitar. You have to experience it to believe how comfortable it is to play an expertly aged guitar. And Bill Nash is the expert. Only high end components. All USA made. Perfectly set-up. I have never played a guitar that is set-up as nicely as a Nash when it arrives in the store, and this includes Gibsons, Rickenbackers, and American made Fenders. Includes Original Hard Shell Case. We are a brick and mortar guitar store and Nash Dealer. The guitar is brand new (well you know) in the case, never displayed and includes the full Nash warranty. Nash Beck #48 Case: Nash Hardshell Case Included Body: Ash Neck: Maple Neck Carve: Boat, Soft V Pickups: Duncan push/pull stacked humbucker Electronics: USA 3-way Here are two pretty good descriptions from Harmony Central, my experience is the same: this is a dead on copy of beck’s yardbirds esquire…its incredibly realistic…it makes the gillion dollar Fender® custom shop beck model look like a bad joke…he says he’s making 75 of these and my serial number is in the 20′s…its hard for me to say if they all will be as great as mine, but you really wouldnt believe how good mine is…it has the cutaway contour like beck,s, and it has the beat to death Relic® finish that looks like becks original…i know beck painted his once but it soon faded back to butterscotch….the Fender® model seems to be an awful white finish…nash even reproduced the beat-up and chipped bakelite scratchplate accurately.,..the neck feels stupendous, it is big and beefy for sure but easy to play…i had a Fender® nocaster custom shop model and you know how big those necks are..!!i found them to be just too dAMN big……this one is similar but it has a slightly thinner feel at the nut and it isnt as hard to play bar chords on up high…its like he took a nocaster Relic® neck and really improved it…the nash comes with nice size frets and is a vintage radius….amd the guitar isnt heavy either.,.,..the pickup setup is just has the one pickup, but it gets like 9 different sounds…all incredible.,..with the switch in the middle position , you get the standard esquire sound, with both the volume and tone knobs doing their thing very sounds like the best 50′s Tele® you ever heard..BUT THEN…when you flip the switch to the bridge position, the bridge position bypasses the tone and volume pot and goes straight out the output jack, for a spine tingling increase in volume and scorching fat booster pedal needed here..!!..just set your sound in the middle position, and when its time to solo, just flip the switch and no need for a pedal….it will overdrive any amp to glory….it honks..!!..when you flip the switch to the neck position, it does the same thing except it goes thru some esquire type TONE capacitor and gives you a big loud fat neck pickup sound..i think that setting would be awsome for slide guitar sound…all this from from the one amazing duncan pickup…there is also a push pull pot which does the whole thing over, but in humbucking mode….both modes sound amazing…..when i first got mine, i thought the wiring was broken, as i did not understand the setup, but i soon sussed it out ande was then very impressed…the guitar resonates like the devil….this is not some slap together amateur Relic® job…this guy planned this guitar out..he made it work….it is hard to explaIN but i tell you, he did something to make this guitar speciaL….AND IT IS.. I waited nearly a year for it and it was worth it. I think Bill Nash is relic’ing, building, wiring and setting up all of these by himself, because I’ve got #28 of 75. The work he’s putting into these is evident. The Relic® job is fantastic. the guitar is really beat up and looks like it been played and gigged forever. One pickup, a stacked Duncan with a coil splitter. Three position switch, with push-pull volume and tone control. Here’s some of the genius in this guitar: Center position is normal operation with tone pot and volume pot engaged. Pull the volume, you get a hot humbucker. If you switch to Neck position, the volume is wide open and tone is nasal. With a fuzz face, this is a mean tone. If you switch to bridge, volume is wide open and tone is bright. Real spanky and good for spanky leads and ringing chords. This wiring is what makes the guitar versatile and a tone machine. The neck is fat D profile, med jumbo frets (I THINK). It feels really good and I have small hands. Set up and intonation from Nash are A-OK. It comes with 10s.