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Jeff Beck les paul custom

This is a must-have for the collectors and Beck afficionados out there. This is a pre-owned Jeff Beck ’54 Les Paul that has been aged to look exactly like the original, and has been signed, numbered, and played by Beck himself.

The Gibson Custom Shop Jeff Beck Signature is a detailed recreation of a modified 1954 Les Paul that Beck had purchased while browsing at a guitar shop in Memphis, TN. The guitar was seen on the album cover of his legendary record Blow by Blow. Before coming into his possession, the original gold finish was stripped off for a chocolate-brown color, the P-90s were replaced with humbuckers, the neck profile was made slightly thinner, and the tuners were switched for modern replacements.

This instrument is in mint, collectors’ grade condition with not much play time on it if any at all. All dings, scratches, and marks look original to how the guitar appeared when it left the Custom Shop. The slimmer 50s rounded neck profile is very comfortable, and the raised pole pieces on the bridge humbucker gives it that midrangey Beck tone. This is number 26 of a limited edition run of only 50 aged instruments, and includes the original hardshell case and certificate of authenticity.

Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire Tribute

Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Jeff Beck Tribute Esquire.  Serial number YS422.  Complete with all original case candy, COA, and cases!  This guitar was made in 2006 and has only been played a handful of times.  This is one cool guitar!  This is the limited edition Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Jeff Beck Esquire replica.  The masterbuilders at the Custom Shop recreated every single ding and dent on Jeff Beck’s famous Esquire.  Guitar has only been played a few times and comes with a second custom leather gigbag, custom anvil case, certificate of authenticity with matching serial number, and unopened case candy packet.  This is a great price for one of these guitar