Jeff Beck Esquire Custom Shop

Here’s something we were glad to get our hands on once again; a pre-owned Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire, made by Fender Masterbuilder Chris Fleming in 2006. The original guitar has seen mods done to it over the years at the mercy of Beck, and its rich and detailed history was duplicated down to a T by the Custom Shop. Beck originally bought the guitar for $60, with the Stratocaster-like forearm carve already put into it by the previous owner. Beck was also prone to breaking the necks on his guitars, and his Esquire was eventually fitted with a Fender neck from 1956, with its 10/56 “V” shape. In 1974, Jeff Beck gave his Esquire as a gift to Seymour Duncan, who kept it under his care until it was reproduced by the Custom Shop in 2006.

Features on the Jeff Beck Esquire include an ash body, 10/56 “V” shape maple neck, 25.5″ scale length, 21 frets, 7.25″ fretboard radius, an Abby Ybarra handwound bridge pickup with traditional 3-way switch Esquire wiring, vintage-style bridge and tuners, and nickel hardware.

This Esquire is in excellent condition, with all wear and tear on it original to how it looked when it left the Custom Shop. There are no dents or dings on it from being played. Even if this wasn’t associated with one of our favorite guitar players, how much cooler does it get that this is an Esquire with a “V” profile neck, and an Abby wound pickup? This is a tone monster of an instrument that’s meant to be played just as it is collected.

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