Jeff Beck Esquire Neck Shape

The prototype shared with these guitars the now-familiar slab body shape with  Unlike the Esquire, the neck was wider at the nut, and the head had 3 tuners on …. Jeff Beckused a 1954 Esquire with the Yardbirds to create the famous guitar Legendary Guitar: Jeff Beck’s 1954 Yardbirds Esquire  Soul,” “Over Under Sideways Down” and the future-shock classic “Shapes of Things.  different model, its broken neck replaced by a well-worn second-hand substitute, When Jeff Beck joined The Yardbirds in 1965 he inherited his  As to what Beck used the guitar on, he later added, “That maple-neck Esquire was on “I’m A Man,” “Over Under Sideways Down,” “Shapes Of Things,” and 

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