Jeff Beck Esquire Wiring Diagram

In 1980 Mikal Gilmore wrote in Rolling Stone that Jeff Beck “was an archetypal …. Jan Hammer played on Wired also and the two teamed up for a tour later ….. In his earlier days with the Yardbirds, Beck also used a 1954 Fender Esquire guitar (now  A detailed gear diagram of Jeff Beck’s 2003 guitar rig is well-documented 

Here’s of the last projects of the late John English who masterbuilt 150 of these JB Esquire Tribute models. Although we’re seeing subsequent editions of this guitar by John Cruz & Chris Flemming, the original run in 2006 was produced by English.

Besides the extreme relic duplication, this guitar also has the Strat-like extra body contours on top half body front & rear– good photos of this in listing. The pickup is wound by Abi Y. This Esquire includes the JB bling with COA, touring case by ATA & gig bag.

A fellow guitar geek recently told me that if I removed the middle & bridge pickups from my Strat, I might never wanna re-install them. I dunno about that, but the JB Esquire is a dramatic example of somebody carving out major chops with a single pup Fender before becoming a Strat master.

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