Jeff Beck Humbucker

Pros:More power without getting too muddy.
The Bottom Line:For all guitarists that are not vintage purists, the JB is the best all around passive humbucking pickup.

One of Seymour Duncan’s earliest offerings, this pickup is probably the most passive versatile humbucker ever made.


The JB model, or Jeff Beck model, is basically a standard Gibson humbucker design with a few extra winds for a hotter sound. It is not overwound for metal like the Duncan Invader or Duncan Screamin’ Demon, but the JB has just enough output to make it enter heavier music if needed. It’s usually best in the bridge position of an electric solidbody or semi-hollowbody guitar.


Ok, so one thinks this is for hard rock and rock but it can do so much more. The extra output does not diminish the highs, but at the same time adds just enough midrange to make lead guitar solos stand out more over a standard equipped PAF humbucker of hold. I would venture to say that this guitar is just as comfortable in funk, jazz, and easy listening music. In the recordings Jeff Beck made with this pickup, from Blow by Blow onwards, he never changed out this hotter humbucker over the years.

Being a slightly hotter version of the standard Gibson humbucker, there is not doubt that it delivers with distortion. But in the clean setting, this is one of the only hotter wound humbuckers that does not sound too midrangey. In fact, it has a gorgeous sound.

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