Nash Jeff Beck Esquire Guitar

year: 9/2011 1952 reissue?manufacturer: bill nash guitars?model:e-52?body: ash/shell pink?neck: maple/c shaped?case: nash hard shell  ?color:aged shell pink?pickup: lollar?condition: brand new?serial number: ggt-23  factory mint condition with medium aged nitrocellulose finish.  weight 6.95 lbs.  10 inch radius with 6105 frets.  c shape neck profile, 25 1/2″ scale length, jason lollar pickup, output is 8.19 kohm, cloth covered wire. flat pole design with graded alnico 5 magnets, 3 way pickup selector, 1 ply pickguard in black. very precise and articulate action & setup.

i have two bill nashesquires and it is a difficult decision which i must let go. so, the c neckpink one it is i suppose and i’ll keep the 2007 used boat neck butterscotch.this guitar is brand new. ?from usa dealer it is an e52.? description:brand new 2011 bill nash shell pink, light relic aging usa e-52 esquire guitar.great player, great tone. this is a perfect playing guitar. beautiful, agedshell pink. beautiful frets, very lightweight ash, very resonant (and light atunder 7 lbs) and has the awesome lollar at the bridge, one of the best vintageboutique pickups on the market. very powerful, very smooth, not at all brittlelike the stock usa fender? pickups. the tonal variety with just this one pickupwill stun you. as jeff beck said, sometimes you only need one pickup. the threeposition switch gives you three distinct tones. and nothing plays better thanan aged bill nash guitar. this is how leo meant his guitars to play, feel andsound. this one is a new 2011, never displayed nash e-52. perfect set-up. greattone. you have to experience it to believe how comfortable it is to play anexpertly aged guitar. and bill nash is the expert. only high end components.all usa parts, all usa made. beautiful cloth wiring, very disciplined, nosloppy soldering, precise, accurate and sturdy. 250k pots. great wood. c-neck,dead-straight. nice full sounding, very powerful, very articulated lollar. thisguitar has great resonance and you forget what great resonance is on anelectric when you haven’t heard it in awhile. a combination of the wood thatnash hand-selects, the very thin coat of nitrocellulose lacquer, a properlyseated neck pocket, and the appropriate density of the woods used. combine thiswith the lollar and you really have a match made in heaven. finally a guitarthat sounds and plays like the originals did in the late 50’s. this is a guitarthat can last you a lifetime, and just get better over the years. includesoriginal bill nash hard shell case. you are welcome to come and try with a dr z maz 18 near harrogate.  please contact before bidding to discuss delivery etc.

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