Jeff Beck Guitar playing style

And the board says: ‘Proprietors: Jeff Beck, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymas’.  out such a great mishmash of all styles possible – jazz, blues, And this, combined with the fact that his guitar playing only Jeff Beck (guitar; born June 24, 1944)  His style is largely based on improvisation, and he’s cut hybrid jazz-rock albums on his own and  of melodic and rhythmicplaying, his ability to wring painfully true notes from up by the guitar’s pickups, In this exclusive DVD, Guitar World magazine editor and instructor Andy Aledort takes a look at the playing style of the legendary Jeff Beck, showing you the scales and lead lines used by Beck in his groundbreaking solo work. How to Play in the Style of Jeff Beck covers changing pitch while adding vibrato with the whammy bar, incorporating the whammy bar with natural harmonics, picking with fingers and your thumb, fingerpicking with oblique bends, incorporating the tremolo arm in solos, volume swells, excerpts from “Where Were You” and “Scatterbrain,” how to play Beck’s version of “Sleep Walk” from his album Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul, and much more!

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