Jeff Beck Guitar review

There aren’t many guitarists of today’s generation that even come close to this man’s talent. Capable of playing a whole range of styles from powerfully driven rock to ambient spacey textures, Jeff Beck is able to make his fretwork change from note to note. At times he drives his Strat to the limit, distorted to the max; at other times laying a wilful and unusually sparse blues guitar.
Jeff is a music pioneer, dilligently indulging his muse without compromise, caring not what you think of it. Ironically, this is why it is so good. His instrument grinds, slashes, wrenches and sings as he extracts ever more unlikely sounds from his guitar. A masterpiece.
Stand out tracks: ‘Savoy’ ‘Big Block’ ‘Stand on it’ ‘Sling Shot’ ‘Two Rivers’

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