Jeff Beck S Esquire


Year: 2012 (Circa) 1952 Reissue
Manufacturer: Nash
Model: E-52 Jeff Beck Esquire #48
Case: Original Hard
Color: Butterscotch Blond
Condition: Brand New
Description: Bill Nash Jeff Beck tribute #48. This is the Nash reproduction of Jeff Beck’s fabled guitar, complete with all of the markings and Beck’s famous self-contouring. Super comfortable. Unbelievable player. Nice and light, 7 lbs, 3 oz. You can see why Beck took his power tools to the body. It is definitely more comfortable playing an esquire with the contours. One of the rarest Nash Guitars you can buy. And the tone on this thing is just crazy. This, one pickup guitar, is the only guitar you will ever need. Unusual neck shape, which I presume is modeled after Becks. It feels like a Large Soft V at the 1st position, but then you lose the V and it becomes more rounded and feels a little smaller as you work your way up the neck. Amazingly comfortable and easy to play. Duncan Push/Pull with the volume knob, single/stacked humbucker. Stunningly versatile. The tonal variations with the one pickup seem endless. Wired like Beck’s guitar. You have to experience it to believe how comfortable it is to play an expertly aged guitar. And Bill Nash is the expert. Only high end components. All USA made. Perfectly set-up. I have never played a guitar that is set-up as nicely as a Nash when it arrives in the store, and this includes Gibsons, Rickenbackers, and American made Fenders. Includes Original Hard Shell Case. We are a brick and mortar guitar store and Nash Dealer. The guitar is brand new (well you know) in the case, never displayed and includes the full Nash warranty. Nash Beck #48 Case: Nash Hardshell Case Included Body: Ash Neck: Maple Neck Carve: Boat, Soft V Pickups: Duncan push/pull stacked humbucker Electronics: USA 3-way Here are two pretty good descriptions from Harmony Central, my experience is the same: this is a dead on copy of beck’s yardbirds esquire…its incredibly realistic…it makes the gillion dollar Fender® custom shop beck model look like a bad joke…he says he’s making 75 of these and my serial number is in the 20′s…its hard for me to say if they all will be as great as mine, but you really wouldnt believe how good mine is…it has the cutaway contour like beck,s, and it has the beat to death Relic® finish that looks like becks original…i know beck painted his once but it soon faded back to butterscotch….the Fender® model seems to be an awful white finish…nash even reproduced the beat-up and chipped bakelite scratchplate accurately.,..the neck feels stupendous, it is big and beefy for sure but easy to play…i had a Fender® nocaster custom shop model and you know how big those necks are..!!i found them to be just too dAMN big……this one is similar but it has a slightly thinner feel at the nut and it isnt as hard to play bar chords on up high…its like he took a nocaster Relic® neck and really improved it…the nash comes with nice size frets and is a vintage radius….amd the guitar isnt heavy either.,.,..the pickup setup is just has the one pickup, but it gets like 9 different sounds…all incredible.,..with the switch in the middle position , you get the standard esquire sound, with both the volume and tone knobs doing their thing very sounds like the best 50′s Tele® you ever heard..BUT THEN…when you flip the switch to the bridge position, the bridge position bypasses the tone and volume pot and goes straight out the output jack, for a spine tingling increase in volume and scorching fat booster pedal needed here..!!..just set your sound in the middle position, and when its time to solo, just flip the switch and no need for a pedal….it will overdrive any amp to glory….it honks..!!..when you flip the switch to the neck position, it does the same thing except it goes thru some esquire type TONE capacitor and gives you a big loud fat neck pickup sound..i think that setting would be awsome for slide guitar sound…all this from from the one amazing duncan pickup…there is also a push pull pot which does the whole thing over, but in humbucking mode….both modes sound amazing…..when i first got mine, i thought the wiring was broken, as i did not understand the setup, but i soon sussed it out ande was then very impressed…the guitar resonates like the devil….this is not some slap together amateur Relic® job…this guy planned this guitar out..he made it work….it is hard to explaIN but i tell you, he did something to make this guitar speciaL….AND IT IS.. I waited nearly a year for it and it was worth it. I think Bill Nash is relic’ing, building, wiring and setting up all of these by himself, because I’ve got #28 of 75. The work he’s putting into these is evident. The Relic® job is fantastic. the guitar is really beat up and looks like it been played and gigged forever. One pickup, a stacked Duncan with a coil splitter. Three position switch, with push-pull volume and tone control. Here’s some of the genius in this guitar: Center position is normal operation with tone pot and volume pot engaged. Pull the volume, you get a hot humbucker. If you switch to Neck position, the volume is wide open and tone is nasal. With a fuzz face, this is a mean tone. If you switch to bridge, volume is wide open and tone is bright. Real spanky and good for spanky leads and ringing chords. This wiring is what makes the guitar versatile and a tone machine. The neck is fat D profile, med jumbo frets (I THINK). It feels really good and I have small hands. Set up and intonation from Nash are A-OK. It comes with 10s.

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