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Fender Jeff Beck Tribute Telecaster Esquire

To take a stab at fully understanding Jeff Beck, you need to see The Girl Can’t  “They loaned me the red Telecaster that Eric had played,” he explains. …. Big Town Playboys – a tribute to Gene Vincent with Jeff in the role of the Blue …. It’s well-known that the Fender Esquire Beck played with the Yardbirds 

Banning Guitars presents for your consideration an auction for a “made to order” replacement body for Fender* Tele* or Esquire* (Jeff Beck tribute). The body is finished and aged in 100% nitro and has a extra-heavy relic treatment. Hand crafted at Banning Guitars in sunny California, USA. This beautiful guitar body will be made after you use by it now. You will choose the wood type (alder, sugar pine, or swamp ash), and finish color (many colors to choose from). The body is routed to vintage fender 50’s specs and made to fit Fender* parts (.650 deep pickup cavities, 2 3/16 neck pocket, 5/16 string ferules). Other pickup routes available upon request. The body has the arm and tummy contours. This auction is for the body only and does not include any hardware or pick guard, but other parts are available upon request.

Fender Jeff Beck TriBute Esquire

Fender Jeff Beck Tribute Esquire Limited Edition Worn Blonde
Cette édition limitée de cette guitare électrique est basée sur la Blonde ’54 Fender Esquire avec laquelle le légendaire Jeff Beck enchantait ses admirateurs. Cette guitare aguerri et vraiment unique est recrée par le Fender Custome Shop dans un chef-d’œuvre de respect et de détail. Quand Jeff Beck obtenait sa copie il croyait que c’était sa guitare originale. Le Fender Jeff Beck Esquire WBL est extrêmement légère avec un corps cendré en deux pièces et un pickguard noir. La finalisation est parfaitement recrée dans les moindres détails et rayures. Le câblage est authentiquement “cloné” et le seul pick-up Esquire à été reconstruit soigneusement à partir des spécifications originales du légendaire Fender pickup câbleur Abigail Ybarra.

Vous souhaitez avoir de plus amples informations sur le/la Fender Jeff Beck Tribute Esquire Limited Edition Worn Blonde? Appelez-nous ou envoyez-nous un message à l’aide du formulaire dans la colonne de droite.

Fender Jeff Beck Tribute Telecaster Esquire

Fender Jeff Beck Tribute Series Limited Custom Shop Relic Esquire.

Technical details:
# Masterbuild C.W. Fleming,
# Korpus – Esche / Contoured,
# 57er Maple neck – “V” Shape,
# 51er Nocaster Bridge Pick Up / Abigail Ybarra “Handwound”,
# Sattelbreite – 41,80 mm,
# inclusive Certificates, Customshop CD, J-Beck Pass, 2x J.Beck CD´s and Belt.
# Flightcase,
# Gigbag, Zertificate, CD´s, DVD,s Backstagepasses etc.

Fender Jeff Beck Telecaster

It is also interesting to see that like his fellow brit Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck has had his own Stratocaster signature model since the 80s and this signature model has changed over the years. I remember drooling over first Jeff Beck models equipped with lace sensor pickups, including a curious humbucker in the bridge position. Nowadays, the Jeff Beck Stratocaster model features Fender noiseless pickups and a modern LSR roller nut tremolo system.

Jeff Beck is quite partial to good old Marshall amps. I had the chance to see him live in Paris in 2001 and he was using JCM 2000 DSL 100 stack amps. It is a configuration he used for most of the last decade. The gear heads have noticed that for his “Live at Ronnie Scotts” in 2008 and subsequent live appearances, he seems to have been using a Marshall JTM-45 head and a Vintage Modern one. Jeff Beck’s overdriven tone has definitely a Marshall quality to it. Check out this video of Jeff Beck’s guitar tech for more information about his amp settings. According to him, most of the tone heard on the “Live at Ronnie Scotts” comes from the JTM-45, with the bass totally rolled off and a lot of the EQing is done right from the guitar, using the tone control. On this topic, normal stratocasters do not have a tone control for the bridge pickup but the Jeff Beck model has a general tone control and a TBX control.