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Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire


Body: Ash

Neck: Maple neck and fretboard with black dot inlays

Pickups/Hardware: One single coil, tone selector switch, volume and tone controls, and Kluson-style tuners

Cosmetic Condition: The guitar has been factory-aged to look just like Jeff Beck’s. It’s simply gorgeous!

Playability: The strings are at a medium-low height, play very well, and fret clearly.

Modifications: None

Weight: 6lbs 11oz

Case: Original hardshell and gig bag original paperwork and accessories

Jeff Beck Esquire Color

This limited edition electric guitar is based on the Blonde ’54 Fender Esquire, which was used by the legendary Jeff Beck on stage to entertain his fans worldwide. The Fender Custom Shop recreated this battle-hardened and truly unique guitar in reverently painstaking detail. When Jeff Beck got his copy he was convinced that it was his own original old guitar. The Fender Jeff Beck Esquire WBL is an extremely lightweight two-piece offset ash body with a chipped black pick guard. The finish has been perfectly reproduced down to the smallest ding and scratch. The wiring is authentically “cloned” and the lone Esquire pickup was carefully recreated from the original specs by the legendary Fender pickup winder Abigail Ybarra.

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Jeff Beck Esquire Custom Shop

Here’s something we were glad to get our hands on once again; a pre-owned Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire, made by Fender Masterbuilder Chris Fleming in 2006. The original guitar has seen mods done to it over the years at the mercy of Beck, and its rich and detailed history was duplicated down to a T by the Custom Shop. Beck originally bought the guitar for $60, with the Stratocaster-like forearm carve already put into it by the previous owner. Beck was also prone to breaking the necks on his guitars, and his Esquire was eventually fitted with a Fender neck from 1956, with its 10/56 “V” shape. In 1974, Jeff Beck gave his Esquire as a gift to Seymour Duncan, who kept it under his care until it was reproduced by the Custom Shop in 2006.

Features on the Jeff Beck Esquire include an ash body, 10/56 “V” shape maple neck, 25.5″ scale length, 21 frets, 7.25″ fretboard radius, an Abby Ybarra handwound bridge pickup with traditional 3-way switch Esquire wiring, vintage-style bridge and tuners, and nickel hardware.

This Esquire is in excellent condition, with all wear and tear on it original to how it looked when it left the Custom Shop. There are no dents or dings on it from being played. Even if this wasn’t associated with one of our favorite guitar players, how much cooler does it get that this is an Esquire with a “V” profile neck, and an Abby wound pickup? This is a tone monster of an instrument that’s meant to be played just as it is collected.

Jeff Beck Esquire Build

Bill Nash, the one most to blame, for Nash custom guitars was started in 2001 and was raised in Los Angeles in and around the music industry. He played in bands, used to make his own guitars, customize things, ruin things and did much of what you would imagine goes on it the formative years of a someday guitar builder. Nash guitars is the largest independent maker of aged guitars in the industry. Most of the day to day running of and administration work is done or overseen by Mrs. Nashguitars as Bill is really best left to the creative side of things!

This 2007 Nash Jeff Beck guitar is Number 31 of 75, built by the man himself – Mr. Bill Nash. It is Heavily Aged Butterscotch Blonde and is a very limited and rare guitar. Bill started this project in response to Fender coming out with their Jeff Beck Esquire, which was in the eight to ten thousand dollar range. He wanted to make a special esquire that was more affordable. Bill is known for his Telecasters and what he has created with this guitar is remarkable.

It sports a 50’s D shaped neck which is very comfortable for a thicker neck. The D shaped neck really helps the overall resonance and sustain of the guitar.

The pick-up is a special lead Tele stacked Seymour Duncan pick-up which is tapped for two levels of output, giving you a single coil and a humbucker. This pick-up is hand wound by Seymour himself. DC is at 6.1K tapped and 9.6K at full output.

The volume is a push/pull knob to access this feature. It has the regular tone knob which only functions when the toggle switch is in the middle position. When the toggle switch is in the neck position adds a midrange hump. Then when it is switched to the bridge position it gives the guitar a treble boost. This is a huge feature because it adds so much versatility to the tones you can achieve with this single pick-up Esquire. When you put together the thickness of the neck, the nitro finish, the tele bridge “with the strings through the body”, and the versatile pick-up wiring you get a tone MONSTER.

Jeff Beck Esquire Body

MJT Mark Jenny 1 piece Alder Nitro Replica Body of a Fender Jeff Beck Custom Shop Esquire Tele…. Google: MJT Custom Aged Guitar Finishes….featherlight 3lbs…1 piece alder If you buy this exact body from them direct…… The last time they put one of these on ebay it went for $535 + shipping ASKING $350/shipped/gift pay pal Perfect for those who would love to own one of the $10,000 Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck’s…..but don’t have 10 g laying around…..Auction is for the body only……. (The one photo is just showing you what it looks like when complete with a neck & hardware.

Jeff Beck Esquire Fender

Hard Rock Café turned 40 recently and as part of the celebration they’re opening their memorabilia vault to the public. TG was invited down for an exclusive look at some of the many wondrous guitars donated by rock music’s most renowned alumni.

Check out Total Guitar issue 215 (on sale 13 May – 9 June) for more information on the Hard Rock Café vault and a look at some of the collection’s finest guitars.

Jeff Beck Esquire Replica

Custom Shop Tribute Series, in cream finish, maple neck with skunk-stripe routing, the back of the headstock with Yuriy Shishkov Fender Custom Shop Transfer and Serial No. YS409, twenty-one fret fingerboard with dot inlays, one pickup, two rotary controls, selector switch, bridge baseplate with three adjustable saddles and black pickguard, signed on the body in black felt pen by Jeff Beck, additionally annotated with a star motif; and an Anvil flight case with black plush lining, the lid stenciled in white J. BECK FRAGILE, containing a Fender Custom Shop certificate signed by master builder Yuriy Shishkov, a Fender black leather guitar strap and an unopened bag of Fender accessories; and a black leather Fender Custom Shop wallet containing a further certificate and CD; accompanied by a color photograph of Jeff Beck holding the guitar following signing; a color Fender Custom Shop publicity photograph of Beck holding a tribute guitar with facsimile signature; and a presentation, Rolling Stone magazine cover,4 March , 2010, featuring a photograph of Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, mounted and laminated on wooden display plaque, signed by Eric Clapton in silver felt pen, 11 ½ x 14 3/8 inches

Jeff Beck Esquire Specs

Over the course of his 40-year career, Jeff Beck has attained heights of guitar greatness seldom if ever equaled, and he has long been regarded as one of the finest and most distinctive voices of the electric guitar, period. The Fender Custom Shop is very proud indeed then to introduce a very special 150-instrument run of the Tribute Series Jeff Beck Esquire Relic guitar, exquisitely and meticulously modeled after Beck’s famous Blonde ’54 Esquire.

This exact reproduction duplicates the original guitar’s light weight, unusual body contours, dings and wear patterns, soft V-shaped ’57 one-piece maple neck, chipped black pickguard and brass bridge saddles (with which Beck had replaced the original steel saddles soon after buying the guitar for $60 from its original owner, Walker Brothers guitarist John Maus).

Legendary Fender “pickup artist” Abigail Ybarra carefully recreated the single ’51 “Nocaster” single-coil bridge pickup, and the guitar’s amazing authenticity extends even to the control wiring, 1056 serial number, and even a cosmetically aged vintage-style guitar strap. Beck himself, in fact, was almost fooled when our reproduction arrived at his door, thinking on first opening the case that he’d gotten his original guitar back!

The guitar comes in a vintage tweed case, and includes a DVD interview with Beck, 8×10 color photo, Custom Shop certificate, and Master Builder signature and serial number decal on the back of the headstock.


  • Solid ash body
  • Bolt-on maple neck
  • Maple fretboard
  • 21 frets
  • 25-1/2″ scale
  • 1.74″ nut
  • Custom NoCaster Vintage Tele pickups
  • 5-position pickup switching
  • Volume/Tone/Tone controls
  • Chrome hardware
  • Gotoh tuners

Jeff Beck Esquire

Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck Esquire Tribute Replica.  Serial number GF458.  This is one cool guitar!  This is the limited edition Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Jeff Beck Esquire replica.  The masterbuilders at the Custom Shop recreated every single ding and dent on Jeff Beck’s famous Esquire.  Guitar has only been played a few times and comes with a second custom leather gigbag, custom anvil case, certificate of authenticity with matching serial number, and unopened case candy packet.  Includes everything pictured!  This is a great price for one of these guitar

Jeff Beck Esquire Guitar


Hard Rock Café turned 40 recently and as part of the celebration they’re opening their memorabilia vault to the public. TG was invited down for an exclusive look at some of the many wondrous guitars donated by rock music’s most renowned alumni.

Check out Total Guitar issue 215 (on sale 13 May – 9 June) for more information on the Hard Rock Café vault and a look at some of the collection’s finest guitars.