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Jeff Beck Guitar Gear

Right now there’s so much Jeff Beck buzz online, it’s just ridiculous! I post a lot about Jeff Beck right here at Stratoblogster. But THIS is too friggin’ cool!!! And don’t gimme a hard time because these clips go back to October ’08. I’ll catch up!;))

The fine Peterson Tuner folks have some great techie interview clips at their Youtube Channel.

The clip above is Part 2 of three clips featuring JB’s tech Steve Prior, recorded since the Ronnie Scott’s DVD shows.

This British tech for the British guitar god seems almost like the stereotypical butler or valet in terms of his keen observations and familiarity of the boss. An amazing 2nd person view! I feel I’ve just learned more about Jeff Beck from these clips than from most everything else out there.

The shorter balding chap chiming in is the legendary Alan Rogan, guitar tech for Pete Townshend. Wouldn’t ya just love to share a few pints with these boys, and get some education!

After listening to the last part of Clip 2 above, check out the links below, then go back through #2 from the very beginning. Then, sit and stare at your right hand for awhile…