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Jeff Beck Gretsch Guitar

Did you know that Jeff Beck recorded his version of “Mystery Train” on the new release, “Good Rockin’ Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records”, with a Gretsch Duo Jet! A recent review of the record from Guitar One Magazine says, “Moment of Truth: Jeff Beck and Chrissie Hynde, “Mystery Train”, Beck shows off his Cliff Gallup influence with some flashy yet tasty electric fingerstyle licks soaked in slapback delay. Jeff Beck’s Gear: Gretsch Duo Jet straight through a Fender Bassman.

This is not Jeff’s first encounter with a flying Gretsch! Jeff was able to capture the authentic “Cliff Gallup” sound when he discovered a couple of old Duo Jets! Here in his own words, Jeff discusses both the unique sounding Duo Jets and his early influence from “hero” Cliff Gallup.

Excerpt from `The Guitar Magazine’ Vol 3 No 4, June 1993

Jeff Beck ‘For ‘Crazy Legs’ I used a Gretsch Duo Jet – I knew Cliff [Gallup] used one ’cause there’s quite a good picture on the sleeve of the album ‘Blue Jean Bop’. At the time it was a mystery guitar because you couldn’t see the headstock so there were all these rumours flying around about what it could be. Once we’d established it was a Duo Jet we made inroads into getting one. I bought a totally wrong one – a ‘63, which is now sitting upstairs in my attic. Someone said the one to get was the ‘56 Duo Jet so I asked for one with a fixed arm Bigsby, only to be told that they don’t exist. I kept looking and now I’ve got two – one with a swivel arm Bigsby, which I used on the album, and one with an original fixed arm factory fitted Bigsby, which I got after the album. When I got the fixed arm guitar – by golly! – it was a lot closer to the Gallup sound. I don’t know whether it’s the resonance through the Bigsby arm or what, but it seemed far closer.