Jeff Beck Telecaster Pickups

Everyone who is a Jeff Beck fan sensed the urgency of what this past summer’s tour may mean. With years between tours…you never know if this one might have been it. That’s why most of this issue is devoted to the tour.
As much as a living in the present type of guy Jeff is, he still keeps a few things from the past worth keeping like his Tele-Gib custom guitar which was a present from Seymour Duncan. Seymour returns this issue to grace our pages with a history of that guitar.
Having had a chance to sit down and talk with Jeff in July, I’ve come to the realization that it’s not necessary for us to have a ‘proper’ interview with him. Technical guitar questions are best left to the writers at the guitar mags, who can get the word out to the masses. Jeff really doesn’t want to sit down and dwell on a lot of past session work probably because to him that exactly what a lot of it was, work for pay. Nothing more. Sure, there have been some things that he wanted to do like Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, etc. But these and others will again come out in his own book, whether it’s his own humourous adventures look at his career that’s he’s planning or Annette Carson’s biography of Jeff if it’s ever published.
Yet all of a sudden, Jeff allows his world to be albeit temporarily included by me, who he knows is bent on as much outside publicity of him as possible. What I hope you gained from all that Jeff is the assurance that what’s important to us is the indescribable feeling of your guitar notes, singularly and together. If along the way we have a laugh together, all the better.

Finally it is with a most choked up emotion that I express my appreciation for the efforts of the three longtime colleagues that I finally go to meet during this time on the road – Ed Chapero, John Walsh and Steve Rolley. God Bless, Dick Wyzanski 12/25/95.

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