Jeff Beck With Telecaster

I just bought this really amazing Edwards (by ESP) Jeff Beck Telecaster in Tokyo. It is a limited model, brand new, like a relic style. Edwards ESP model E-TE-118/RE JB. What I found interesting is that this guitar came stock with no headstock logo. When I asked, the shop manager said that it was “because it is more expensive than an Edwards ESP model, but a little cheaper than a Navigator ESP model. Personally, I think they left it off so you could easily put a Fender decal on there
Now, I tried searching the internet, and couldn’t find a single closeup photo of that telecaster Jeff Beck used. What I want to do is find out what Fender decal would go on this one, I guess, finding out what year of telecaster this one was would help. Can you guys help me with identifying what Fender “Telecaster” logo would be correct for this guitar?

Also, of special mention… the humbucker in the bridge position is not the double-cream color that the original Jeff Beck Tele had, BUT this bridge pickup was specially ordered from Seymour Duncan for this guitar. They only made 777 pickups like this one. Mine is a prototype JB pickup that came stock on this guitar.

So, Jeff Beck fans, can you help me out? What replacement Fender “Telecaster” headstock decal would be the right one? Or what year of telecaster did Seymour Duncan modify for Jeff? Thanks in advance for your help.

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